Healing yourself will take some inner work. There is no getting around that. 

Anything can be healed. Anything. There is no emotional, physical or spiritual problem that can’t be healed.

However, the proper inner work must be done. I can heal your issue with the very life energy that gives birth to the stars, the moon and the sun, but you are the one who changes your own thought patterns.


In a perfect world, if someone comes down with any sort of illness, he or she simply goes into a state of deep meditation/trance and uses his or her focus and resulting emotional feedback to feel himself or herself back into harmony with his or her higher self. However, the amount of life force or lack of it, can be a big deal, as when life force is low, the will is often greatly weakened. Thus people in such states are greatly benefited from people like me, with an abundance of prana.

The thing about healing is that everybody has a certain amount of life energy or prana in their bodies. This prana is essential to life in the body — it’s life force, vitality, etc. People who are chronically ill are bleeding prana. Healers are often individuals who are bursting with life energy. They have an abundance of life energy, or they absorb it from the cosmos with more ease than most. They are like sponges for life energy. It’s possible to transfer such life energy to another, and it will revitalize them, but only temporarily.

These holes are caused by the incongruencies in the person’s consciousness with who they are as a higher self. The higher self is pure positive energy, and the more one is not in alignment with that, the more leaky the proverbial bucket becomes. Oftentimes, if the bucket is not very leaky, the simple filling up with prana can be enough to bring them back into consistent alignment with their inner being, but if they are holding onto deep seated issues in their mental and emotional bodies that are completely out of whack with their source energy, they become somewhat stuck in a resistant place, and continue to bleed prana faster than they can regenerate it.

The only way I know of to make the healing permanent, is to address the psychological issues which caused them to bleed life energy in the first place. At some point, somewhere, they spent a good deal of time focusing on something that made them feel terrible (vibrational warning bell that one is focusing and manifesting disharmony). 

You see it all the time. If someone can barely walk, they may go to a healer and they soon find that they can walk again. However, a day or two after visiting the healer, they stop being able to walk again.

The reason why is that they have, for lack of better description, “holes” in their auras. That’s why they are bleeding life energy to begin with. This kind of healing is like filling up a bucket with leaks in it. You bring them temporary relief, but until the holes are plugged, they will again deplete their life force. You have to fix the leaky bucket. However, this is problematic because healing these holes is not nearly as straight forward as filling up the bucket with life energy.

I figure out what that is, and train you away from it. Sometimes distraction alone is sufficient, but in more serious cases, that may not be enough. It’s difficult to break a habit of thought once it has been created, but like I said at the beginning, anything can be healed. Anything.

Strictly speaking, when I’m fixing your holes and filling you with life force, I’m not the one doing the work. I am guided by own higher self and I am told where and how to put my hands and what to say to you.

The healing process has five stages, and you are a very active participant in the healing process. After all, all healing is really self-healing.

First, we will properly identify the problem and we will also understand why that problem appeared in your life.

Then I will put you into a deep state of relaxation. This trance state is required in order to recieve the life force in full capacity.

Afterwards I will check your energy and your higher mind so that I know what it is that you need to visualize or understand in order to plug the proverbial “holes” in the bucket.

At this point I will now begin sending you energy. This is a powerful experience and it is not uncommon for people to burst into tears or react in a very strong manner.

Finally, I will give you some homework so that your holes stay closed and you remain healed. 

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